I have Been Denied a US Visa – What Do I Do?

There are many reasons why someone can be denied a visa. The most common reason is because the officer at your interview believed you were not going to return to your country of residence. Visa applicants are required to prove to the officer’s satisfaction that you will not overstay and will return to your country of origin before your entry stamp expires.

If your visa was rejected because you couldn’t demonstrate sufficient ties to your country of residence, don’t worry! We at IMMIgroup have years of experience helping people document their ties to their country of residence. We know what officers are expecting.

If you have been denied a visa for a reason other than insufficient ties, the process depends on the reason. You may just have to wait, or you may need to apply for special permission to enter the US. (A visa is only permission to travel to the US.)

Note: If you have only been denied an ESTA or if you did not need a visa and were denied entry, you may just need a visa, depending on the reason for the denial.

What is inadmissibility to the United States?

Apply for a US Entry Waiver

I-192: Application for Advance Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant

If you’ve been denied a visa, we can help you apply for an Entry Waiver which will allow you to enter the US.

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